Mad Greek Restaurant

Mad Greek on Urbanspoon
Was itching for roast lamb shoulder, so we decided on Mad Greek in Richmond British Columbia. It is just on Westminster Highway and Alderbridge Way. I usually go for Greek food in Vancouver, but since moving to Richmond, I was on the hunt for a reliable Greek restaurant. I think we found it…

What we ordered:

  • Roast Lamb Shoulder – Greek salad to start, baked pita, and then the Lamb itself was served with vegetables, rice pilaf and potatoes
  • Avgolemono: chicken and orzo soup with fresh lemon


  • Delicious
  • Large portions
  • Well Priced
  • Awful service: we waited forever for our bill, long wait for service to order food, the waitress did not seem pleased when we requested her attention or service, however, there were 10 tables and 1 waitress.. It was too much on one waitress


  • I’m not sure if I will return yet. Bad service is a turnoff. I’m trying to overlook the service because the food was good, but I am still having trouble deciding if I will return.

What is your take: Good food trumps bad service? Or would it be too hard to look past it? Let me know!

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