Gang Nam Korean BBQ

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Gangnam is a district in South Korea. It is area known for its privileged high schools. Gangnam took the world by storm when Psy, a South Korean Musician, debuted his hit release “Gangnam Style” in July 2012. The song reached over a billion views on youtube.

The term “Gangnam style” references the trendy and hip lifestyle associated to the Gangnam District. Seoul’s Gangnam district is lavish, people who actually are from Gangnam do not front that they are. The song itself is actually poking fun at the posers and wannabes of “Gangnam Style”

I decided to try this place out before heading to the movie theaters to watch “The Great Gatsby”. I arrived to the restaurant at half-past 9. The restaurant was empty, probably because it was Sunday evening and it was past supper time.

IMG_4056IMG_4055  IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059What we ordered:
– Galbi Tang Myun
– Sundubu jjigae with Beef instead of Seafood
Served with side dishes: Seaweed, Potatoes, Daikon, Kimchi

– Home made
– Not overly salty
– well flavored
– clean and cozy atmosphere
– service was quick and attentive
– side dishes are refillable


I will return again!

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