Douhua – Tofu Pudding

Douhua is a Chinese dessert made with very soft tofu. It is also known as tofu pudding or soybean pudding.

The way I eat Douhua is the Cantonese way. It is served with sweet ginger syrup or a clear sugar syrup. My grandma made it the Traditional way, in a wooden bucket. Different areas in Asia eat it in different ways.

Taiwan – with sweet toppings such as peanuts, red beans, tapioca
Sichuan – chili oil, soy sauce, Sichuan pepper etc.
Northern China – soy sauce
Philippines – dark brown molasses like syrup called Amibal, and tapioca balls

To name a few…

Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店 on Urbanspoon

Decor and layout makes you feel like you walked into a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Taiwanese way with Red beans

I kept it the Cantonese way.

Also ordered the vegan daikon cake


  • Large variety on the Menu
  • Opens late till 12am
  • Healthy
  • Affordable


  • I will return for more!

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