MaxNoodle House

MaxNoodle House 麥奀記傳統雲吞麵食 on Urbanspoon

I was craving for some wonton noodles, and decided to give this place whirl due to its’ popularity. I really like the texture of their noodles. Al dente! Perfectly cooked with a bit of a crunch. We ordered a standard wonton noodle, and a dumpling noodle.


IMG_3609ummm.. where are my wontons?

  IMG_3611oh! there they are!! Beneath the noodles!



Gailan with Oyster Sauce


Hot Coke with Lemons (for my sore throat)


Hong Kong Style Lemon Iced Tea


I was disappointed they didn’t have chili oil.. :(

What did I think?

I was quite disappointed of the size in portion and the price. Overall I was a bit disappointed. My expectations were high, and I found that this place was overrated. 


Would I go back?


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