David Hawksworth’s Bel Cafe at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Bel Cafe on Urbanspoon
Bel Cafe is a little cafe that is operated inside the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. I heard some decent reviews on Bel Cafe, so I had to give this place a try. I ordered 3 macarons: the Cookies & Cream, Maple Bacon, and the Black Sesame & Yuzu. I also ordered a Roasted Berkshire Pork sandwich with red cabbage, jalapeno and house mustard.

The place was busy for a Wednesday afternoon, however, this was expected since the restaurant is located in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. Located in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, this restaurant takes the place of Sen5es, which closed down a while back during the proposed Carlton Ritz Hotel. Decorated centre pieces on each table were a small square glass vase containing water with a pretty yellow-green orchid floating in each one. The decor was modern, contemporary and chic.

The plating of my sandwich was quite simple as well, small side salad of spiced arugula with 3 small gherkins. The sandwich was simple and appealing with the vibrant red cabbage poking out from the side. The Berkshire Pork slices were delicious, it was moist and flavorful. I really enjoyed the hot mustard kick to it however, I could not taste much of the Jalapeno… not the flavor or the spice. 
On the Macarons, they were “ok” “meh” — I’ve had better. The black sesame was present but, I found the yuzu quite apparent, and overshadowed the flavor of the macaron… the maple bacon had the slightest hint of bacon flavor but it was nothing special.. The cookies and cream tasted what they should taste like. Out of the three, the cookies and cream stood out.
But overall… I’ve had better. I would recommend Thomas Haas or Thierry. Vancouver being so awesome as a food paradise, you can find many different places that sell Parisian Macarons in Metro Vancouver.
I found the restaurant average, I’m not sure if I’d return.Have you been here? What did you think?

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