Guu Series

Guu Garlic on Urbanspoon 
 When it comes down to it, my all-time favorite izakaya Japanese restaurant is Guu. Which is my favorite Guu amongst all the other Guu’s is Guu Garlic. It tops the list above the rest. It’s also my boyfriends favorite restaurant. I think there was one month earlier this year, when we went there at least 6 times within a 3 week span. All the dishes relatively good. Please enjoy the pictures :D
an Obama figurine by the Cashier
Asahi — yum.. I prefer Sapporo.. but they only carry Sapporo on tap
Aigamo Salad – roasted duck and mushroom on green w/ wasabi dressing and garlic chips
Uni sashimi with soy and wasabi
Chicken karaage with garlic mayo
Mentaiko Kimchi Yaki Udon
Oyster Motoyaki
Gindara: Black Cod

Guu Richmond on Urbanspoon
Food from Richmond Guu

Kabocha Korroke: Pumpkin and Boiled Egg Croquete
Daikon Salad: Marinated Jelly fish and gelatin(shark fin imitation) with Guu’d Dressing
Crab Croquette (daily special): creamy crab croquette.. soooo guu’d!!
Takoyaki: Deep fried Octopus Ball w/ tonkatsu sauce & mustard mayo
Oden: Egg, Atsuage(deep fried tofu), Mochikin (stick rice cake in tofu bag) and hot mustard
Tako Wasabi: marinaded Octopus & wasabi stems
Amaebi Sashimi: sweet shrimp sashimi.. Yum!

Guu Original on Urbanspoon
Food from Original

Ton Toro: grilled pork cheek & yuzu ponzu
Beef Tataki: thinly sliced seared beef w/ ponzu sauce
Salmon Yukke: chopped salmon sashimi w/ garlic sauce, green onion, & pine nuts — quail eggs and shrimp chips
Guu’d Chicken Wings
Squid Legs
Chicken Yaki Udon: pan fried udon w/ chicken, mushroom, green onion, & soysauce+butter
Kakimayo – in a custard cup D:
Assorted Sashimi
Karubi: BBQ garlic sauce marinaded beef ribs
Steam Mussels with Sake
Steak!!! Just kidding, sort of.. looks like a beef steak, but it’s a Maguro Steak: ahi tuna sashimi steak marinaded in garlic, soy sauce, and sake

There are more Guu’s in the lower mainland. I will add those at a later time because I have yet to document my food experience there.

Which one is your favourite Guu?

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