Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie – Macarons

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on UrbanspoonI’ve never heard of this place until my boyfriend bought chocolates from here for valentines day. I’ve never received chocolates before, and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

He was telling me how I’d love the food there and that they were known for their hot chocolate and croissants. On a lazy Sunday morning we ventured out to West side of Vancouver to try it out. The place was quite busy. We could not find any seating inside, so we had to head outside to find seating. I was being a window lurker, watching people eating at their table, and I could tell from the body movements that they were finishing up and getting ready to leave.

Chocolates for sale
Macaron’s and Creme Brulee
Famous for their chocolates
Pastries – Pear Almond Tart is supposed to be the most popular

Cheese croissant, Hot Chocolate, Duck Sandwich with Mandarin Orange, Pear Almond Tart & White Chocolate Cake

My at-home dessert. I don’t know the names, my boyfriend picked these up for valentines — yummy
Thomas Haas has become one of my new favorite cafes! The macarons, cakes, chocolates were all delicious. This place is worth the visit!
Never been? Check it out and let me know what you think!

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