Indochine Revisited

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I came again! Even after the so-so first time. I came again, and they were much better. I guess after dealing with the initial grand opening and getting used to the flow of traffic and crowd control, they are able to bang out some pretty good dishes. This time around I came at lunch time, drinking crowd not here so I had the opportunity to sit down and enjoy my meal. Camera in tow and ready to snap away. I took some shots of the inside of the restaurant. 

The soft opening menu just keeps getting larger. I see some familiar items on the menu… AKA Butter Beef from their sister restaurant Phnom Penh. I’ve seen some twitter tweets about this place being the “trendier sister of Phnom Penh” which is true. 

Ordered a Bo Luc Lac aka Vietnamese Shaking Beef flavored with garlic and black pepper.. Served with the traditional Tomato rice. This was a delicious dish, tender meat, flavorful. 

Finally got my Lychee Mojito. It was perfect. It was alcoholic, but there was not too much alcohol in it to get you drunk or even red for that matter. The mint and the lychee are perfect together.

Butter Chicken wings – Yum, the plate was much fuller than the first time and this time it came with the lemon dipping sauce. Soo yummy. It was not a disappointment. Do try this dish!

Bo Kho (Beef Stew) with French Bread.. This one.. may need some work. The flavor was good. It tasted as if it was stewed for hours. The meat was soft and tender to bite. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. However… this dish was waaay too oily, I think this was caused from the fatty pieces of brisket found in the dish. One piece of meat was literally half fat. 


During lunch hour, I liked the food, the atmosphere and the drinks, but on the weekends, I try to avoid this place, the place is overcrowded and the service is not the same as you get during the lunch hour. 

Have you been Indochine? Let me know your reviews below!

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