Martini's on Urbanspoon

I noticed this place in the area but never thought to give it a chance, until the other day. My coworker’s decided on this place for lunch he was raving about the chicken sandwich and the gravy on top. So we decided to check it out. The three of us walked in and immediately noticed how packed it was. There were groups of people at tables. I could tell that this place was a “lunch” location amongst the 9-5er along Broadway. The menu came and not much really caught my eye, so I just went with the chicken sandwich and gravy burger guessing that I couldn’t go wrong with what my coworker said was good. (also had someone to blame if it sucked…kidding) 

The food came, it was a good portion for its price. Salad, Fries and a Open-Faced Chicken Sandwich for $11. I would say the food is quite “meh”, I would not go if I wasn’t working in that location. The gravy was a tad salty, the fries are better at McDonalds and I don’t even eat at McDonald’s. I like my fries crispy. However, the sandwich was appetizing, despite its’ saltiness. I would return if they suggested it. But not on my own accord.


Been to Martini’s? What do you recommend on the menu?

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