Lupo – Italian Cuisine

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My boyfriend took me here on my birthday because it was voted as one of Vancouver’s romantic restaurants. I agree with that vote. The restaurant is located on Hamilton street, not in central Yaletown but close. It is just off the Cambie Street bridge. When you pull up outside of the restaurant, it is a 2 storey house converted into a restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant gives a nice feel to it. The restaurant is a couples location. When you look around most of the patrons are coupled up with their significant others celebrating some sort of special occasion or a first date. But that does not mean you can’t go with a group. Which we did do on our 2nd visit to this restaurant.

This food posting comes after we went a second time. The service was superb, they were attentive and polite. We also had a 3 month old baby in tow with our group and they were able to serve us all without failing to miss a beat. Some dishes we ordered does not have pictures, but I will mention them. We started our meals off with the Lobster Bisque which contained prawns and peperoncini crema. The lobster bisque was not the best. I prefer the one served at the C Restaurant. So below is the verdict on some of the dishes.

Good but nothing exceptional: probably would not order this again…Meat balls |tomato|gorgonzola + polenta| Octopus Carpaccio |barlotti beans + limoncello vinaigrette|

Rucula Salad |orange + balsamic vinaigrette |

What was good:

The pastas were delicious, they were all ordered as half orders to be eaten family style as an appetizer. The pasta was perfectly cooked, al dente!

Fettucine | preserved black truffle | prociutto + peas + cream | — yummmy!!!             

Cannelloni |veal + parmigiano + tomato + bechamella|

Taglierini |wild mushrooms | garlic + chilies + olive oil | — very good

Prociutto Pizza — pizza with prociutto, simply that.. it was yummy.. who wouldn’t like baked prociutto on a pizza.. yum

On to the Main Courses:

Lamb Shank Ossobucco on top of a risotto — mmmm this was soo good. it is my favorite dish from Lupo. This is my 3rd time ordering it. The first time we went, we ordered one order and HAD to order it again. The meat was tender, moist and it fell off the bone the way an ossobucco lamb shank should.. 

Roast Quail stuffed with Mushrooms and served with four cheese ravioli – this dish was so-so. It was cutely plated and looked extremely appetizing, but it fell short a bit on my tastebuds. It is not something I’d likely order again. 

Raviolo – one word.. YUMMM – extremely disappointed that they took it off the menu.. how could they…? It was soo good. Basically a giant ravioli stuff with an egg and poached in a butter sage sauce with hazelnuts. I’ve been craving this dish since I first went, but for some reason, they had it taken off the menu. Check out my attempt to recreate this dish here!

Pappardelle |slow cooked rabbit + sage + fontina| — the rabbit was delicious, moist and tender. In the back of my mind, every time I took a bite, I thought of the furry little animals skittering in the grass at Richmond Auto Mall.


Lemon Sorbetto refreshing and not too sweet

Tiramisu – This was very good. The lady fingers were light and delicate paired well with the marscapone cream and lightly flavored espresso liquer.

Would I go back again? Yes of course. It is well priced Italian food. Do you know of any romantic well priced Italian restaurants? Let me know in the comments!

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