Michigan Noodle Restaurant 麥之根雲吞麵世家

Michigan Noodle Restaurant 麥之根雲吞麵世家 on Urbanspoon

I’ve passed by this restaurant numerous times and was always curious what type of noodles it served. It took me 7 years to finally try it.. To my surprise it was Cantonese food. Wontons, Congee, Chow Mein. Here are some photos of the restaurant.

Oyster Sauce Sum Choy – yummm

The above is Zha Jiang Mien (aka) Shredded Pork in Brown Sauce Lo Mein.Clearly the chef does not care much for the aesthetics of the plate. The noodles were plopped on the plate, and topped with the shredded pork meat sauce. I quite enjoyed this dish. Other places,  I find have too much Hoisin Sauce in it, and I find the sweet flavor is not to my liking. This version does not have too much hoisin, which I like. I will definitely come back for this.

Shredded BBQ Duck on Crispy Chow Mein: This was nothing special. It is what it is. The name says it all. But the Chow Mein was nothing exceptional. I’ll pass next time… But I do intend on trying the Singapore Curry Fried Noodles. A nearby table had ordered and it smelled absolutely scrumptious.

Egg Shrimp Sauce on Fried Rice Noodles: This was delicious, but nothing exceptional. Many restaurants make this dish, and they pretty much taste the same.

Dried Scallop Congee – the congee at Michigan is very good. This one is only $3.50!!

The Congee here is REALLY good. It tasted as if it was simmering for hours. The texture is smooth and flavorful. I like the fact that they can make it m.s.g. free.I would definitely return for more congee and zha jiang mien. Have you been here? What do You recommend I try?

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