Puffer Fish – Takifugu

Takifugu is a puffer fish known as the “river pig.” Ever see the episode of “The Simpsons” where Homer Simpson ate fugu served by a amateur sushi chef? When a chef is inexperienced with the preparation knowledge, this could be deadly for the consumer because the fish is highly toxic. There are lethal amounts of the poison tetrodtoxin, and only special chefs can prepare and sell fugu. Even so, the consumption is prohibited in Canada. This is a great name for the restaurant: the food at the restaurant was toxic to my wallet since the the chef was inexperienced with the preparation knowledge.

Restaurant: Takifugu
Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi
Location: Richmond, BC (No. 3 Road)
Address: 133 4800 No. 3 Road

Price Range: $12-$20

takifugu3Kaki Sashimi – raw oysters – kusshi oysters

These oysters were slightly sandy. It was poorly shucked because they failed to finish the cut below the oyster to free it from the shell.

takifugu2Ise Ebi Udon 

After the sashimi was prepared, the lobster carcasses were used to prepare a Udon noodle soup. It was nothing spectacular.

Ise Ebi Otsukuri – Lobster Sashimi 

The lobster sashimi was very pricey. Yes I know it would be, however, I’ve had better lobster sashimi than this. The sushi chef really showed his lack of skill. The pieces of sashimi were in large chunks, which made it not tender or easy to chew. Takifugu1


– Blue fin tuna:  if you did not know, Ootoro is the highest grade of tuna. It is pinkish with marbling throughout, and it melts in your mouth. Blue fin is considered to be a prized type of fish. It is often auctioned off to chefs and restaurants. 

I didn’t eat this but my boyfriend did. Although, from what I could see from how it was cut, the Sushi Chef did not know what he was doing. The chef left the pieces in giant cube form, and it was also cut at a bad angle. You may not be able to see from the picture, but the grains of the tuna can be seen making the tuna chewy. Ootoro is an extremely pricey piece of tuna, and this sushi chef butchered the piece.

I would consider this place on the pricey side, but you basically paid for the decor and atmosphere. I will not be returning to this restaurant.


Takifugu Japanese Dining on Urbanspoon

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